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bti-is-my-baby-daddy As I'm sure you're aware, BTI is on a one week suspension for texting photos of his penis to a local reporter.  (The photos are on Deadspin.)  Now I know what you're thinking - a BTI-free week is a dream come true.  But to us, the underpaid bloggers, a week of no BTI means one of us has to wake up early and post something at 10:00 am.  Yeah, it sucks.  So in honor of BTI's one week hiatus from the site, we decided to bring back "Bryan the Intern's Picks to Click."  Hold your applause. -- San Francisco is in the World Series (I think) and this news anchor in the Bay Area smells weed in McCovey Cove before Game 1.  It's definitely not cigarettes. -- ESPN is aligning itself with yet another douchetastic sports entity: Duke.  I'd rather watch 24/7 Brett Favre coverage than All Access: Duke University. -- To all you Bengals fans:  Your boy Chad Ochocinco took a break from not making the playoffs to take Deion Sanders daughter on a date.  It's good to see him scoring off the field because he certainly isn't doing it on the field. -- And in other AFC North news, the Ravens' Joe Flacco is wearing the most unoriginal Halloween costume of the year.  'The Situation' is this year's Billy Mays.  Don't do it.  You're better than that. -- Free Enes... stuart_freeenes

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