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Article written by:Bryan the InternBryan the Intern
  Yesterday, Matt predicted how the KSR bloggers would perform in a combine like workout, and last night we all got together, running our 40's and lifting 225 pounds.  Here are the results: 40-yard dash 1)Bryan the Intern- 3.64 2) Bomani Jones- 4.78 3) Mosley- 4.85 4) Turkey Hunter- 4.91 5) Intern- 5.01 6) Rob Gidel- 5.03 7) Hubby- 5.12  8. Tomlin- 6.93 9) Matt Jones- 9.43 10) Greg Doyel- collapsed before finishing 225-pound bench press 1) Bryan the Intern- 37 reps 2) Turkey Hunter- 16 3) Rob Gidel- 14 4) Mosley- 13 5) Bomani Jones- 10 6) Tomlin- 9 7) Matt Jones- 7 1/4 8. Hubby- 5 9) Intern- 3 10) Greg Doyel- collapsed before finishing 1 rep The stats say it all!!! Interesting fact of the day: If Joe Crawford continues on his current scoring pace (16.8ppg) for the remaining 4 games, plus 2 SEC Tournament Games, plus 2 NCAA Tournament games, he will finish 19th all-time at UK in scoring.  This would also put him ahead of Kyle Macy, Rick Robey, Frank Ramsey, and Sam Bowie, all of which have their jersey's retired at Rupp.  I DONT think Carwford should have the same honor, but I do think he may be the most underapreciated UK player in my lifetime.  1. With Mississippi coming to Rupp tommorow, I give you a blast from the past today, the box score from the largest rout in this series history (which by the way goes UK 94-11).  You have to go all the way back to 1952, Kentucky had won 3 out the past 4 national titles, and in what had to be a fridgid night in Owensboro, UK beat the Rebs by 58 points!!!  6 players in double figures, led by Cliff Hagans 37 points. 2. You may remember last week when the website UKMadness began releasing its 25 greatest UK players with #25 Chuck Hayes.  They now have released both #24 Derek Anderson (questionable, although with him Cats win 3 straight titles) and #23 John Pelphrey. 3. ESPN sucks at lists.  Plain and simple.  Here is an update of their 25 greatest basketball players.  They just released #10: Wilt ChamberlainAre you serious?  The greatest big man in the history of basketball is only the 10th best college player.  Did Jesus Christ play college basketball and nobody told me?  I will say it again, Pete Maravich, Lew Alcindor, and Bill Walton better be in the Top 5 or this will be the biggest sham of a list EVERRick Bozich devotes his article to this very topic today in the Courier-Journal.  A MUST READ!! 4. If you hadn't heard, UK and UL are once again fighting over next season's football game.  Unfortunatly, UK is wrong in this argument, which is over the game being played on a Monday.  Mitch Barnhart has claimed that a Monday game gives the team too little time to rebound for their game the next Saturday.  And that opponent is: NORFOLK STATE!!! Just play the damn game, beat the Cards on their home field and move on.  All this extra stuff that Barnhart does is embarassing for the program. 5. I forgot to post this yesterday, but if you didn't watch Tiger kicking ass, the NFL Scouting Combine, or the NASCAR delay-fest, you might have seen thr Pistons put an absolute whipping on the Shaq-studded Suns.  Boy that trade has really worked out for the Suns so far, lose to the best team in the West (Lakers) by 6, beat the Celtics at a slow down game, and get crushed by the Pistons.  They have played 3 of the best teams in the league and went 1-2.  Shaq DOES NOT improve the Suns chances to win the title.  I said it from the beggining and I look like a genius.  If the Suns are forced to play a slow down game like they did against the Celtics, they will lose more than they win.  They don't have to worry about playing Boston anymore because they wont get out of the second round of the Western Conference playoffs. 6. A drunk man.  One day away from his wedding.  Naked.  A horse race.  A face plant.  Horses running the wrong way.  All of these things lead to a very funny video. 7. In my opinion, the soulja boy dance has become the new macarena, a dance that white people look extremely dumb doing, but in the process dont feel embarassed trying.  Now, this dance craze has hit the old women of the Milwaukee Bucks dance team.  Jump ahead to the :42 second mark of this video.

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