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winston-guy.bmp 1. Quick update on the UK commits and how they finished in their respective state title games.  Winston Guy played a huge role in Lex Cath's 49-7 thumping of Lone Oak in the 5A Final. Guy only touched the ball 5 times, but scored twice and had at least one key sack. Randall Cobb of Alcoa(TN) won his teams 4th straight 2A title and was named offensive MVP in a 35-3 whoopin of Goodpasture.    2. Some notes on the football team from the Herald-Leader's Chip Cosby, in particular some possible changes to UK coaching staff, and a suprising story on Dicky Lyon's Jr. I dont think the Lyons thing is a big deal and maybe thats what most juniors do, but if by chance Lyons does go to the NFL, it will be the worst decision is history, bar none. 3. Hey, I hate Tim Tebow as much as the next guy, mostly because he single handedly beat UK this year are 8 other teams.  And he is kinda smug.  But, Stewart Mandel points out those perceptions might be wrong (Except for him whippin every team he faced), and the accomplishments of Tebow were not only expected, they have nowhere near ended. 4. Two articles from former Courier-Journal columnist buddies Rick Bozich and Pat Forde concerning the IU-UK game.  Bozich's article appearned in the Courier Sunday morning and deals strictly with the Crawford brothers and their relationship and play, while Forde's article touches on Jordan Crawford but also the struggles the Cats are facing.   5. John Clay probably echoes what most UK fans are thinking right now: should this basketball team be this bad?  My favorite quote from the article: "What it wouldn't give for some Woo right now". Amen John, amen. 6. In one of the most suprising moves of the year, Ramel Bradley was left in the game Saturday with 2 fouls in the first half(he picked up his 3rd) and 4 fouls early in the 2nd half (he fouled out with 13 minutes left). Now Billy Gillispie tells us why, and it actually makes sense, who else do you put it? 7. You gotta admit that the last month or two in all of Kentucky sports, including UL has been rough.  But, Eric Crawford searched through all the tough losses to come up with some positive notes coming into the holiday season. 8. When comparisons to big men like Greg Oden and Roy Hibbert are thrown about for a big man, it sparks your interest.  And when that big man lists Kentucky as an interested school, its too much to handle.  But, CNNSI points out this is the case with John Reik of the Sudan, who is 7-2.  Look, I love Mark Coury as much as the next guy(which doesnt take much), but if a skilled big man at 7-2 wants to come the UK, then by all means lets get excited.  One problem: he will actually be eligible for the NBA Draft next year, and might not even have to go to college. Just something to get mind stimulated. 9. I know everyone is jumping on the Vanderbilt bandwagon right now, and its understandable.  As SEC fans, you want someone/anyone other than Tennessee to be good.  And then you see Vandy's 9-0 record, and hear that have a really good Austrailian center taking you back to the days of Andrew Bogut, and you feel like this team must be great.  I ain't buying it.  They have only played two teams from power conferences, both at home, Wake and Georgia Tech to go along with Austin Peay, Toledo, Valpo, Utah St., Bradley, South Alabama, and Lipscomb.  They wont get a real test until UMASS comes to town January 5th, and then Kentucky January 12th. If everything falls right Vandy should be 16-0 when they come into Rupp, and I say the Cats takes down the 'Dores that day. 10. For those of you who watched some NFL yesterday, you probably saw the worst combination of QB's in the history of the league.  Just to name a few: Kellen Clemens, Brodie Croyle, Kurt Warner(dont even try and justify him, he sucks), Tavaris Jackson, Shaun Hill, Brock Berlin, Josh Mckown, Andrew Walter, Trent Edwards, Cleo Lemon, Sage Rosenfels, Luke McCown, Vinnie Testaverde, and Brian Griese.  At a quick count, Jared Lorenzen would probably be starting for 10-15 NFL teams right now.  On that subject, here is a funny video J-Lo did at Giants Stadium. (Scroll ahead to 2:00 to see Jared). 11. In honor of Matt's alma mater, a story dealing with the Duke football coaching search.  Has there been a wackier season of coaching hires and searches than this one?  The Les Miles thing got it going, then Houston Nutt wasn't good enough for one SEC West school but it for another, then the Rutgers(!!!) head coach says no to Michigan, now a guy who couldn't cut it at a school with endless resources and talents may get the job at a school with no resources and talent. 

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