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Article written by:Bryan the InternBryan the Intern
  RPI Update: 47 (up 7 spots)  Something like 2 weeks ago I gave a big long list of teams that had MADE the NCAA Tournament with mediocre resume's, and I thought today I would give the other side of the coin.  So, below is a list of the BCS school with the best RPI to be left out of the past 9 NCAA Tournaments, along with overall and conference record.  2007: Florida State (41) 20-12, 7-9 2006: Cincinnati (40) 18-12, 8-8 2005: Maryland (57) 16-12, 7-9 2004: LSU (38) 18-10, 8-8 2003: Seton Hall (42) 17-12, 10-6 2002: Villanova (43) 17-12, 7-9 2001: Mississippi St. (40) 16-12, 7-9 2000: Vanderbilt (39) 19-10, 8-8 1999: Oregon (40) 15-11, 7-9 I want to make it very clear: I THINK IF UK BEATS FLORIDA THEY WILL MAKE THE NCAA TOURNAMENT.  The only reason I show you this research is to show there is precedent of leaving out teams in the low 40's RPI out of the tournament.  UK's advantage over all these teams is they will have a better conference record.  Which is why I don't understand when people say non-conference wins count just as much as conference wins.  Then why have all these good RPI teams with a good non-conference record and wins get left out? CONFERENCE MATTERS MORE, in my opinion.  Now, on to the links: 1. Here are the updated standings in the SEC after last nights games: Kentucky over South Carolina, Tennessee over Florida, LSU over Alabama, Georgia over Auburn, and most importantly for Cats fans, Vandy over Mississippi St.  With that win, Vandy now owns the tiebreaker over the Cats, should they tie for 2nd in the East Standings.  As for right now, UK still holds on to the #2 spot, leaving them with this trail to the SEC title: Quarterfinals: Mississippi/Georgia winner Semifinals: Mississippi St./Florida/Alabama survivor Finals: Tennessee/Vandy/South Carolina/Arkansas/LSU/Auburn survivor 2. Make it now a 136-22 overall scoring advantage for the Baseball Cats after yesterdays 15-1 thrashing of Evansville.  The teams batting average this year is .375, and they are only giving up 2.2 runs per game.  Undefeated season anyone? (understand the sarcasm of that last sentence)  3. I don't think anyone outside of Colt Brennan has been criticized and dropped more than Andre Woodson over the past couple months.  Difference being Brennan deserves it and Woodson doesn't.  The Courier-Journal talked to Woodson about his critics and how he is handling it all.  Did the NFL scouts NEVER see a game Woodson played at UK.  I don't care about his throwing motion and lack of mobility.  I would care that he's effiecient, a winner, and good decision maker.  His "flaws" didnt seem to hurt him for the last 2 years in the best conference in America.  4. News on the playing status of both Deandre Liggins and Darius Miller, all good news here. 5. I don't really know the reason but there have been a rash of wrestling links floating around there lately.  Here's one listing the 10 hottest WWF/WWE Divas. 6. And then of course there is this music video called "Land of 1000 Dances" performed by the WWF wrestlers.  Absolutely priceless.

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