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Bryan the Intern's Picks to Click

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1. This is going to be a dark day in sports to say the least, especially for baseball as the Mitchell Report concerning steroid use is being released at 1PM.  Already, a source has been published saying Roger Clemens will be named in the report as a steroid user.  There will be some 60-80 names in the report, including “several” MVP’s and prominent Yankees (A-Rod?).  At one o’ clock, its possible baseball will be damaged permanantly. 

2. Here is last night’s Kentucky Sports Radio with myself and Matt rambling on about whatever we want.  Mostly, it is talk about the Pitino/Petrino comparisons, which personally I think are ridiculous.

3. A great profile about Billy Gillispie in yesterday’s USA Today.  Very little mentioned about the early season struggles and more mentioned about the coach’s style and philosophies.  One of the best articles I have seen about Coach Gillispie.

4. If it was up to me, Patrick Patterson would touch the ball EVERY single time UK brought the ball up the floor.  But, Jerry Tipton says that the Cats may not actually know how to get PP the ball at the point.  They better learn quick.

5. I will give it to the Courier-Journal’s Jody Demling.  Everyday I get onto his blog, he has a new story on some foreign big man UK is after.  Jody must be getting a ton of frequent flyer miles because today he takes us to Croatia to visit with 6-9 Zvonko Buljan.  If you are keeping track Jody now has given us info on a Brazilian big man and now a Croatian, not to mention John Reik of the Sudan.  In all seriousness, Buljan is playing for Vincennes right now, averaging over 16 points a game.

6. I truly dont know if this is a surprise, and it isn’t to me, but Gary Parrish has just released his new projections for the NCAA tournament, and Kentucky is not in them.  But, when you consider the marquee win so far this year has been, ummm, Texas Southern(?) it ain’t that great of a resume. 

7. Instead of spreading out all of the articles written about Bobby Petrino yesterday, I will just put them in one big bunch with the writers name as the link.  I dont think this deserves the time except all these articles are negative towards Petrino.  Here are the articles: Don Banks,   Pete Prisco,   Pat Forde,  Eric Crawford,   and John Czarnecki.

8. ESPN has ranked the top 64 quarterbacks in the NFL, with one noticeable acception, Jared “J-Lo” Lorenzen.  At first thought, Lorenzen has played very few snaps in the NFL, stuck behind Eli “my brother’s better” Manning.  But, then you see that Jaime Martin, Ryan Fitzpartrick, Dan Orlovsky, and Matt Cassel are on the list.  By the icing on this preverbial screw job cake is that the NY Giants #3 QB, Anthony Wright, is on the list.  So somehow ESPN figured out the Giants number 1 and 3 QB’s are good enough but not the number 2.  This list sucks, but it’s good discussion.

9. In 1994, the UK Basketball team finished 27-7 and lost to Marquette in the 2nd round of NCAA tournament, the football Cats went 1-10 and Jack Bauer was still trying to save the world, as seen in this video.

10. I know I have been extremely hard on Vandy the last couple days, so I will give them a compliment today.  They showed some heart to come back from a 18-point hole on the road against Depaul last night, and pulled out a 6-point OT win.  With the win, Vandy is now 10-0 and doesn’t have a tough game until January against UMASS.  Of course, I couldn’t post without also saying that really good teams don’t fall behind to Depaul by 18.  I will continue to say UK beats Vandy at Rupp. 

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