BTI's Rants and Ramblings: 3 seed, What needs to happen

BTI's Rants and Ramblings: 3 seed, What needs to happen

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Cheer against this guy, at least this week Most people in the know, which means not me or SexinNursingHomes, but actual experts like Joe Lunardi, have concluded that UK's max seed they can earn is a three.  Currently, the Cats sit at a 4/5 seed, with the win over Tennessee likely pushing them closer to 4 than 5.  But, with seeds up for grabs all over the place coming into Championship Week, what needs to happen for UK to vault onto the 3-line, thus giving them an easier road.  Well, we know there are 4 teams that will get a 2-seed or better no matter what happens this week.  Ohio State, Kansas, Pittsburgh, and Notre Dame are the front-runners for 1-seeds, but even with a loss in their repsective opening games, they would drop no lower than 2-seeds.  Assuming Duke, BYU, and Purdue don't flame out early, they also will likely get 2-seeds.  That is 7 of the 8 top seeds locked down.  Which brings us to Kentucky.  First things first, Kentucky MUST win the SEC Tournament to even get consideration for a 3-seed.  But even with an SEC Tournament title, certain things in other conferences must fall into place.  These things, in no particular order: 1) TEXAS needs to not win the Big 12 Tournament 2) WISCONSIN needs to not win the Big 10 Tournament 3) SAN DIEGO STATE needs to not win the Mountain West Tournament 4) NORTH CAROLINA needs to not win the ACC Tournament If those any of those 4 teams win their conference tournament, they will be seeded above Kentucky no matter what.  So, at least for 1 week, we should cheer for Kansas, Ohio State, BYU, and (gulp) Duke.  And if you can't bring yourself to do that, cheer for Wake Forest or any other ACC school.  But Duke is most likely to beat UNC.  Let's assume those 4 teams above all win their conference tournament.  That would take up 11 of the top 12 seeds, no matter what Kentucky does.  Now, who are the other teams who could also bump Kentucky, thus we should cheer against them: 1) LOUISVILLE (Hate to say it, but their body of work with a Big East title trumps UK) 2) FLORIDA (But under this scenario, they obviously won't win) 3) SYRACUSE (Despite late struggles, a Big East title could push them to 3) 4) ARIZONA (Much like UK, they need some things to fall into place, but still possible) So, all this wrapped up means this- For Kentucky to get a 3-seed, you need to cheer for this: BIG EAST TOURNAMENT: Anybody but Louisville and Syracuse need to win BIG 12 TOURNAMENT: Anybody but Texas need to win PAC 10 TOURNAMENT: Anybody but Arizona need to win ACC TOURNAMENT: Anybody but North Carolina need to win BIG 10 TOURNAMENT: Anybody but Wisconsin need to win MOUNTAIN WEST TOURNAMENT: Anybody but San Diego State need to win See, easy.  Sypher easy.

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