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From back when SNL was actually done by funny people and not the Jimmy Fallon's of the world. As a side note, just wanted to wish everybody reading KSR a Merry Christmas (Yes Christmas!!!).  We have had many battles about my off the wall opinions this year, but at least for me, it is all for fun.  You all come to this site, and I write for this site, for the same reason, and that is a love of UK sports.  And while there are certainly days where I wish a swarm of bees would attack some of you, I wouldn't trade this fanbase for any other.  Besides Southern Cal, too many good looking ladies in that group. But in all seriousness, and I know I speak for all the writers here at KSR, we are very grateful many of you come here first for your UK news.  And we certainly hope you continue to enjoy our little blog in 2011.

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