BTI's Rants and Ramblings: Get the hell over Duke!

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Kentucky: 7 titles Duke: 4 titles Take a good long look at that simple stat above.  And then please think about the amount of time you spend on a yearly basis whining and moaning about Duke.  Can we PLEASE get over our complaints about Duke?  The rest of the freaking country spends all its time complaining about Duke's coach and Duke's players and Duke getting the calls and Duke's easy run to title.  And Kentucky fans, despite having the best program IN HISTORY, falls right into line like we are jealous or something. And you want to know the ugly truth: DUKE WON THE TITLE FAIR AND SQUARE.  I am not sooooo brainwashed that I can't admit that Duke EARNED that title last night.  The refs didn't give it to them and the selection committee didn't give it to them.  Everyone wanted to cry like babies on selection Sunday about what a cake draw the Blue Devils received.  You want to know the honest truth: KENTUCKY PLAYED AN EASIER DRAW AND BLEW IT!  UK played a 16, 8, 12, and 2.  Duke played a 16, 8, 4, 3 to get to the Final Four.  The only round where UK played a tougher opponent than Duke was the Elite Eight, and UK blew their chance to prove themselves.  And then Duke CRUSHED the team that beat UK.  I can give the Blue Devils credit for having a better plan to beat West Virginia.  It had nothing to do with luck, wind, the moons, or Obama.  Duke played better than Kentucky and the results showed that.  You wanna know something else: Duke gave us a CRUSHING loss in 1992 and won the title.  We gave them a similar loss in 1998 and won the title.  I think we can call this even.  I am not saying the '92 loss should not forever sting for the UK fanbase, I am simply saying stop acting like we didn't get our payback.  Do I think Duke's players are annoying?  Yes.  Is Coach K annoying?  Yes.  These questions are obvious.  And I have no problem with people who root against Duke every single game.  I do the same.  But people act like Duke players are allowed to prison shank every one of their opponents or something.  Last time I checked, they shoot on a 10-foot goal too, and from the same 3-point line.  And if the other team can't beat them, then I am unbiased enough to give them credit. Coach K now has 4 titles, so I really don't think calling him rat-face is gonna hurt him too much.  In fact, I think its pretty embarrassing for 45-year-old overweight dudes to think its cool to write poorly spelled insults at Duke players and coaches who, just a guess, probably don't read this site.  So while I know this will fall on deaf ears from nearly everybody on here (as do most of my posts), I just want to say that I don't give a damn that Duke won that title last night.  Good for them, and hopefully everybody else can get the hell over it.  You still have 3 less than us, and we have one coming in the near future.  I'm gonna let the Syracuse and Texas fanbases handle that.    Ah, that feels alot better getting that off my chest.  While it pains me to say, I offer my congrats to Duke and your bunch of goofy white kids and Nolan Smith. (Nod of the head to Beisner)   Now, instead of crying like little babies, enjoy what every UK fan should enjoy, and that is our successes. 

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