BTI's Rants and Ramblings: Just How Bad Have 2nd Halves Been Under Stoops?

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jacob-tamme Kentucky dominated the 2nd half against New Mexico State on Saturday but halftime adjustments have not been the strength of this team over the last 3+ years.  Or at least that is what most fans and commentators believe.  But just how true is that belief?  Below are combined 2nd half scores for each of the first 3 seasons, as well as the games UK won in the 2nd half and lost in the 2nd half: 2013 (2-10) Combined: Kentucky 115, Opponents 146 Lost 2nd Half (7): WKU, Louisville, Florida, Alabama, Missouri, Vanderbilt, Georgia Won 2nd Half (4): Miami (OH), South Carolina, Mississippi St., Alabama St Ties (1): Tennessee 2014 (5-7) Combined: Kentucky 154, Opponents 171 Lost 2nd Half (5): LSU, Mississippi St, Georgia, Tennessee, Louisville Won 2nd Half (4): UT-Martin, South Carolina, UL-Monroe, Missouri Ties (3): Ohio, Florida, Vanderbilt 2015 (5-7) Combined: Kentucky 130, Opponents 172 Lost 2nd Half (7): UL-Lafayette, South Carolina, E. Kentucky, Mississippi St., Tennessee, Georgia, Louisville Won 2nd Half (5): Florida, Missouri, Auburn, Vanderbilt, Charlotte 2016 (1-2) Combined: Kentucky 34, Opponents 55 Lost 2nd Half (2): Southern Miss, Florida Won 2nd Half (1): N.Mexico St. COMBINED (13-26) Combined: Kentucky 433, Opponents 544 Lost 2nd Half: 21 times Won 2nd Half: 14 times Tied 2nd Half: 4 times Now, what do we make of this?  Well, Kentucky has only won 3 games that it lost the 2nd half in, ironically all last year.  But in only 8 of 25 SEC games has Kentucky won the 2nd half.  That makes it very difficult to win many games.  And of those 8, 2 of those were South Carolina, 2 were Missouri, and 1 is Vanderbilt.  Oh, and they lost the other 3 games they won the 2nd half.  Point being, and this is no surprise, UK has to get better in the 2nd half because their first halves haven't been the greatest either.  Certainly not as bad as the 2nd half but they are not giving themselves much room for error.

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