BTI's Rants and Ramblings: Should UK Go After Jelan Kendrick?

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Ah, here we go again.  The decision on whether or not a kid is worth going after.  Jelan Kendrick, ranked the 3rd best shooting guard in the Class of 2010, has already been kicked off the Memphis basketball team for what are being called "consistent run-ins with coaches and teammates."  Kendrick had already been suspended in October, and came back and actually admitted to teammates that he had an anger problem.  (On a side note, our good buddy Dan Wolken jumped to typical journalist conclusions, saying Kendrick had really grown off the court.  You think he will now write an article admitting he was wrong?  Doubtful.) Well, now Josh Pastner and Kendrick have "mutually" decided to part ways.  And that will now bring Kentucky into the equation.  Kendrick chose Memphis over UK, Alabama, Indiana, and Georgia.  Coach Cal has a history of accepting kids with a background, i.e. Demarcus Cousins.  So, it would only be logical to assume that Cal will at least give this kid a look.  He is an amazing talent, and would be an excellent fit into the dribble-drive with his length and ability to get to the rim.   All off the court issues aside and this would surely be a kid that would make UK fans slobber. But, knowing what we know now, that Kendrick might have a problem playing nice with others, is he worth even going after?  Remember, we are just a couple weeks removed from the UK fanbase screaming and howling at Louisville for accepting Tony Woods.  You can rationalize all you want, but Kentucky at least inquired about Woods as well.  Now, what Woods did and what Kendrick did are not the same.  But, they both have a failure to control their temper and causing a problem with teammates.  Woods took it to another level with his assault on a woman, but when it comes to chemistry with a team, there is really no difference between Kendrick and Woods.  Both guys have shown to be difficult with teammates and coaches.  Coach Cal seems to be able to harness many of those kids with issues, but if you don't HAVE to take a kid like Kendrick, do you want to? (By the way, there is no information out there that Cal has contacted Kendrick. Yet.) 

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