BTI's Rants and Ramblings: The Follow-Up Game After a Blowout

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[caption id="attachment_176221" align="alignnone" width="300"]Andrew Weber-USA Today Andrew Weber-USA Today[/caption] Since the NCAA began seeding the NCAA Tournament in 1979, UK has been involved in a few blowouts at the Sweet 16 round or later.  But for our purposes, how has the bounceback game generally gone for the Cats?  Well, below are the examples: 1993 (1-seed) Sweet 16: Defeated 5-seed Wake Forest 103-69 Elite 8: Defeated 3-seed Florida State 106-81 Final Four: Lost to 1-seed Michigan 81-78 (ot) 1995 (1-seed) Sweet 16: Defeated 5-seed Arizona State 97-73 Elite 8: Lost to 2-seed North Carolina 74-61 1996 (1-seed) Sweet 16: Defeated 4-seed Utah 101-70 Elite 8: Defeated 2-seed Wake Forest 83-63 Final Four: Defeated 1-seed UMASS 81-74 1998 (2-seed) Sweet 16: Defeated 6-seed UCLA 94-68 Elite 8: Defeated 1-seed Duke 86-84 2015 (1-seed) Sweet 16: Defeated 5-seed West Virginia 78-39 Elite 8: ??????? Just a combined 3-3 in the games following the blowout.  Now of course this UK team is probably better than any of those other teams, so I am not sure that number should particularly scare anybody.  I think the bigger point is that UK better buckle down once again for Notre Dame.  Last night was a lot of fun but if we think the Irish will roll over and die because WVU did, we will be sorely mistaken.

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