BTI's Rants and Ramblings: You Asked and I Deliver
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BTI's Rants and Ramblings: You Asked and I Deliver

Bryan the Internalmost 11 years


Article written by:Bryan the InternBryan the Intern
After posting Jon Hood's plus-minus last week showing that, in general, the team has had negative results with Hood on the floor, I got many requests to also give the plus-minus for the entire roster.  Many argued that over the course of a season, most players plus-minus is around even, and that I was unfair to Hood.  So, I sent an engineering buddy of mine currently at UK an email, and asked him and a couple other students to crunch the numbers and give them back to me.  And I want to thank them, because 4 students looked through each box score and determined how long each player was on the floor and what their plus-minus was.  I've been told they are using it from some type of class project, so they didn't totally waste their time.  I will give this over the course of a couple days, because it is a a lot of numbers.  So, for today we will look at the non-conference season.  I broke it down into overall plus-minus and the numbers against the 7 power conference teams that UK played this season.  And remember, these numbers only reflect the time these guys spent ON THE FLOOR and only in NON-CONFERENCE PLAY:    Overall Plus-Minus (14 total games) 1. Brandon Knight: +239 2. Deandre Liggins: +233 3. Doron Lamb: +222 4. Darius Miller: +220 5. Josh Harrellson: +204 6. Terrence Jones: +178 7. Jarrod Polson: -7 8. Jon Hood: -11 9. Stacey Poole: -13 10. Eloy Vargas: -14 Plus-Minus Against 7 Quality Opponents (OK, Wash, UCONN, UNC, ND, IU, UL) 1. Josh Harrellson: +59 2. Terrence Jones: +51 3. Darius Miller: +46 4. Brandon Knight: +45 5. Doron Lamb: +42 6. Deandre Liggins: +37 7. Jarrod Polson: 0 8. Stacey Poole: -10 9. Jon Hood: -12 10. Eloy Vargas: -24 Total Time on Floor (14 total games) 1. Brandon Knight: 472 minutes, 16 seconds 2. Deandre Liggins: 462 minutes, 19 seconds  3. Terrence Jones: 421 minutes, 50 seconds 4. Doron Lamb: 398 minutes, 23 seconds 5. Darius Miller: 398 minutes, 12 seconds 6. Josh Harrellson: 354 minutes, 6 seconds 7. Eloy Vargas: 157 minutes, 33 seconds 8. Jon Hood: 85 minutes, 24 seconds 9. Stacey Poole: 35 minutes, 40 seconds 10. Jarrod Polson: 14 minutes, 55 seconds I will let you all give your thoughts in the comments section but 2 main things stand out to me: 1) How about our boy Jorts?  Against UK's 7 best opponents, he has the best results when on the floor of anyone on the roster.  That says something about just how important he has been this season. 2) Poor Eloy.

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