Bye Bye Brucie? Hello Gillispie? (Unrelated, Obvs.)
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Bye Bye Brucie? Hello Gillispie? (Unrelated, Obvs.)

Will Lentzover 10 years


Article written by:Will LentzWill Lentz


Mike Hamilton, the Tennessee Athletic Director, has made it his job to botch pretty much everything.  First there was the awful hiring of Lane Kiffin and the millions of violations he brought in.  Then there was the mishandling of the Bruce Pearl situation earlier this year.  Now he has gone and indirectly put a target on his coaches back just a few days before the NCAA tournament. Not the smartest move, Mike.

But the fact remains that while his timing was off, we should give him a little credit for admitting earlier today that the ‘jury is out on what’s going to happen with that at this point,’ in regards to Bruce Pearl’s employment as the Tennessee Head Coach next year.  While there’s no telling what Mike Hamilton will decide to do after the season, if Tennessee could find a way to upset Duke I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt Bruce’s chances.  Or my bracket, for that matter.

In other coach related news, it’s beginning to look a lot like Gillispie will be coaching at Texas Tech.  It has been confirmed that BCG had an interview with the TT AD earlier today and by all reports, it went well.  It would be a good fit for the former Head Coach given his Texas ties and his tendency to perform better at smaller schools with less pressure.  I personally hope he finds his way back into the coaching ranks – and we get to run him out of the NCAA tournament one of these days.

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