Cal reaches a milestone in the win

Hunter Campbellover 10 years


calipari7 It was mentioned last night but deserves a post of its own. Coach Cal notched his 500th career win in the triumph over the Gators yesterday, and while we probably would have been just as happy had it come Wednesday at Arkansas, it's still a benchmark win for the Cats' head man. Anthony Wireman over at All KY Hoops took a look at the track of Cal's career and how many wins he put up at each of his stops, if you're interested. Not to spoil anything, but they all add up to 500. And even though getting this season's win #20 was bigger last night (and Cal agrees), hopefully coach takes at least a minute to enjoy the accomplishment. He'll need to savor it, in fact, because BTI has already started drawing up out-of-bounds plays and will be on the hunt for his job in no time. Now, I'm going to go order a Papa John's Pizza and take shots of the garlic butter in celebration. Congrats, Coach.

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