Cal says the team needs to prove it can play before fans pay for tickets

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 8 years


John-Calipari-not-impressed Late last night, Cal released a statement about his team's NIT bid, but he's apparently got even more on his mind. This morning, Cal tweeted some more thoughts about their game against Robert Morris:
"When I heard we couldn't host the first round of the NIT, I decided to accept the bid knowing we could host in the second round. I'm not disappointed we have to start on the road because this team needs to prove it wants to continue to play before our fans pay for tickets. If we had to play on the road, I'm glad it was Robert Morris because I knew what it would do for the program."
In typical Cal fashion, he has turned this into a positive for Robert Morris, where his grandmother worked in the cafeteria (seriously). It's been a disappointing year for everyone, but Cal's words about his team needing to prove they can play before fans pay for tickets may be the most telling about his feelings towards them this season. I'm not sure disappointed even covers it.

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