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Calipari addresses the inbounds problem, says it's on him to figure it out

Drew Franklin02/22/20


Article written by:On3 imageDrew Franklin


Getting the ball inbounds has been a real problem for Kentucky while trying to close out its last two games. LSU's pressure forced Nate Sestina into two turnovers that resulted in five straight points for the Tigers last Tuesday, and Florida's full court press caused a lot of confusion and chaos as the Cats were trying to get out with a win on Saturday. Both scares were avoided, thankfully, but it is a huge concern that needs to be addressed ASAP. Coach Cal will make it a priority to get it figured out before Kentucky travels to Texas A&M next week. Buzz Williams now has the formula for disruption, and Cal will have his team equipped to handle it by Tuesday. The problem, Cal says, is this team just can't seem to grasp the side-out play that he has used for over 30 years. "The out of bounds on the side, it was just we didn't seal the guy," he explained. "We just ran from them. You got go body to body. The baseline out of bounds is on me, so we got come up with some stuff. I've used that for 30 years; it ain't working with this group. "Now I got to come up with something different," he added. "If I'm playing us, I'm putting a man on the ball and I'm pressing. So now, let me coach a little bit and figure some stuff out."

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