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Calipari backtracks, says his players weren't relieved after the Wisconsin loss, they were in shock

Calipari1 During a Fox Sports interview with Fran Healey earlier this week, John Calipari said he thought some of his players were "relieved" after the Wisconsin loss, a comment that's drawn a lot of criticism in the past few days. Like clockwork, Cal put out an article on his website this afternoon backtracking on the comment, telling readers that after talking to Karl Towns about it, he realizes he players weren't relieved, they were in shock.
In the interview, I used the term relieved to describe what I saw in the locker room. It wasn’t relief about wanting the season to end. That team wanted to win all 40 games — and thought they were going to. So did their coach. When I walked in that locker room, I didn’t know what to expect. When I looked around, a few of them looked like they were in a daze. I was talking to Karl Towns about it and his comment was, “We were in shock. The response wasn’t tears and anger. It was more of, ‘What just happened, we’re done playing.’ ” I agree with Karl. They were in shock. A few were devastated, but what I saw more than anything when they settled in their seats was they were being reflective of the season and what had just happened.
Glad we got that straight. Now, let's not talk about it again for a long time, okay? [CoachCal.com]

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