Calipari was very Calipari in today's presser

Calipari was very Calipari in today's presser

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Sunday is a day-off for college basketball fans, but at the NCAA tournament, the coaches, players, and media never stop. Cal and his guys were available again today and Coach Cal was very Coach Cal when answering his questions in the press conference. I don't have the exact quotes but it went a little like this:   "We are everybody's Super Bowl." "Anthony Davis, he grew from 6'3 to 6'10 in one year. He's telling me, 'Coach, I want to play point guard.'" "I don't like the one-and-done rule. It's not my rule. I'm just going to recruit the best players and if they're ready at the end of the season, they'll go." "Steve Jobs and Bill Gates left college early and they changed the world." "We have the highest grade point average in the SEC." "I love my team." "We're playing a basketball game." "I just try to get these guys to play their best. If that's not good enough, we live with it."   The players just scattered for their breakout interviews and Coach Cal is sticking around on stage for more questions. We'll have more in just a bit. Cats.

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