Calipari went back on The Dan Patrick Show and took a friendly shot at Bo Ryan

Calipari went back on The Dan Patrick Show and took a friendly shot at Bo Ryan

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 6 years


IMG_6283 John Calipari is having way too much fun this week. After yesterday's dust up with Dan Patrick, Cal called back in to his show to talk it out. "I mean, what is this country coming to when you spar a little bit?" Cal said. "I had friends of mine that have known me for 50 years call me and say 'What in the world, Dan Patrick?' I said, 'What?' We had fun. I had a ball. Did I offend you? I hope I did. ...People went NUTS!" The two went back and forth some more. "Are your players allowed to argue back with you?" Patrick asked. "Yeah, but they never win, but yeah they can. They absolutely can." Cal said. "I'll sit and listen and say, 'are you done? You feel good? This is what we're doing and I don't even want to hear it.'" Patrick kept trying to ask Cal serious questions, but Cal wouldn't let him. "Let me say this, can I do my recruiting spiel before you try to cut in on me," he joked. "Don't you get tired when I call you and give the whole 'Do you know we graduated 14 guys in six years..." The real highlight of the show was Patrick playing "Uptown Girl" after Cal told him the last concert he went to was Billy Joel 15 years ago. Cal refused to sing along and when Patrick teased him that Bo Ryan would have, Cal quipped "Oh yeah, Bo Ryan. They foul on every possession": Cal quickly added he was joking. No you weren't, Coach, and that's why we love you. The full interview:

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