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Can we keep the Boom and Snell 1-2 punch, please?

Haley Simpson09/25/16


Article written by:On3 imageHaley Simpson


benny-boom Boom Williams and Benny Snell were the show last night, there's no denying it. Boom started us off. With 50 yards in 10 carries in the first half and then the go-ahead TD in the third quarter. We knew what we were getting with Boom going into the season. We knew that he was explosive and had the power and speed to make the big plays.  Once he finds a hole, he's gone. There's no stopping him. Against New Mexico State last week Boom rushed for 181 yards with 1 TD, taking a slight backseat to Snell in his breakout performance. Boom is like a starting pitcher. You send him out in the beginning of the game to get things going. You trust him go out and get the job done. On the other hand, Benny Snell is your closer. He's who you bring in if you get in trouble, or just need to secure a win. He's can power through anyone and has the ability to seemingly move mountains or, in this case, an entire defensive line. And that's exactly what happened last night. Boom got us started off with some big carries and brought us home, but it was Snell who brought home the win with the game-winning touchdown in the opening of the forth quarter. On that drive, Snell rushed the ball on every snap moving the team down the field for 65 yards. On the last play, Snell took the ball out of the Wildcat, broke a tackle at the 5-yard line and was home free for the end-zone. Together the two rushed for 200 yards, Boom with 123 and Snell with 77. Going forward, Eddie Gran has almost no choice but to keep the 1-2 punch, opener and closer combo of Boom and Snell - maybe adding JoJo Kemp into the mix as he continues to make his way back. Whatever he does, he just needs to keep that combo moving. #BoomSnell2016

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