Careful what you wish for...
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Careful what you wish for...

Bomani Jones06/30/09


Article written by:Bomani JonesBomani Jones

Good to see you all again. I just got home from Coach K’s summer press conference. I know you’re jealous.

Word is that Xavier Henry and his little — thought older – brother C.J. might be on the way to Kentucky. My money’s on him coming to Lexington, which means that one of you is already filming a video that will embarrass your state and the Shaolin temple.

But before you do, I want you to read this Kansas City Star article that has their father, Carl Henry so angry.

Then, read this response to that from Carl on (parts 1 and 2).

The moral of the story — Xavier and C.J. don’t want to go to Kansas because of something written in a newspaper in Kansas City…Missouri?

Xavier and C.J. went to Kansas to make their mother happy?

Carl Henry’s upset about how a writer characterized his decision to ignore a call during a conversation?

You think you want that? That’s a fair trade for a player whose greatest attribute is his NBA body — not his NBA game — and hates school, but isn’t really good enough to leave school after one season?

I actually feel bad for these young men. They made the decision to go to Kansas because their mother wanted them to go there, and no child should ever feel responsible for the emotional well-being of his parents. It’s an impossible situation, and it seems to me to be an indicator that there will be more drama soon. There’s their father, who clearly talks too damn much.

And then there are these boys, who were ready to get out of Kansas as soon as they heard it would be OK with their mama.

Kentucky’s already got to figure out how to get everyone enough shots. Based on what I saw in all-star games, Xavier doesn’t get all the shots he wants in one-on-one.

Is this what you want?

I don’t think so.

In all the excitement surrounding Cal’s arrival in Lexington, we haven’t talked much about the potential for this all to turn into a circus. John Wall’s there, but so is Brian Clifton and everything that comes with him. The madness surrounding Memphis is sure to resurface again (ESPN doesn’t put that many people on a case unless they’re working on something big for down the line, a la O.J. Mayo/Rodney Guillory). There’s still room for the Wall/Bledsoe pairing to go wrong if someone doesn’t feel he’s getting enough time and/or shots. And while he seems to have handled everything the right way since he got to Lexington, we’ll have to see how much Patrick Patterson likes spending his season on the weak side, as the DDM calls for.

Kentucky might be a top 5 team, but there’s room for this season to be a train wreck. Why chance it with players whose parents clearly have too much influence on what happens with their children?

Sorry, but this doesn’t seem like a good idea to me. Is UK a title team without Xavier? Maybe not.

But, strange as it sounds, there’s a chance they could be worse with him.

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