Carlos Toomer in his own words

by:Matt Jones08/07/06
Those who know me know that I am a fair individual. I believe there are always multiple sides to every story and it is our duty as informed citizens to consider all of them. As many of you know, I have reported in recent weeks on the saga of the lyrical poet, Carlos Toomer. A summary of the Carlos Toomer saga is here but I am sure that you, the loyal readers of the blog know about Carlos and his post-Kentucky poetry experience. Well after the last of the Carlos Toomer poetry posts, he took the time to write a response on the blog and I want to copy it here for those who did not get to see it. He made four posts, all of which are recopied below. Carlos's comments were: Unity in our community I was able to jump from the free throw line when Rick pitino came to visit me in high school.I have newspaper clipping to prove it. What happen is I went from 175 pounds to 190 pounds and it may the difference of jump from the free throw in comprasion to the off of the block. I believe in alot about what Rick Pitino writes about dealing with habits. All you have do is nuture a goal with positive habits and it becomes reality, it will glow with truth Many poets believe that poetry is an expressiion of the heart and is valid no matter the poetry’s edtional level or background. This has always been their philosophy and always will be. So whether you are a beginnig poet writing your very first poem, or a more established, previously published poet, poets welcome you. They ask you to share a common love and appreciation for what they believe is the world’s most powerful and most important art form…poetry Carlos knows that his poems will always have a place here and I hope he will continue to post and maybe even sit down for an interview very soon. Until then, another Carlos Toomer poem via This one is called......Jared Carter Like an open book My heart is for your interpretation You read and all is clear Touch the individual words Feel their majestic quality Put your ear to my cover Hear my heart beat rapidly For you are in my presence Joy rushes through my pages Examine my title where your name hovers The story begins at our introduction And takes us to the present You realize the story has just began Anticipated to fill the blank pages You kiss the cover and go to find me

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