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Somebody pointed it out earlier: Is there a resemblance between Matt and AJ Ogilvy? We have held several contests over the last couple months here at KSR, and it has typically been our tradition to not announce the winners, let the contest drag on for 2 or 3 years, or snub the winners of their prizes.  But, NOT IN 2010 MY FRIENDS!  So, without further ado, here are some of the winners from various contests, with the prizes in parentheses: KSR SURVIVAL FOOTBALL(Winner gets umbilical cord from Beisner) DOUBLE ACE (ID name: treworlas) TAVIN_DILLARD (ID name: mpb5321) RKO (ID name: HHH) GRUCHOW473 (ID name: Jon) **These 4 winners made it through 17 weeks without a mistake. KSR PRO FOOTBALL PICK'EM (Winner gets to punch Patrick Barker) 1. CHEWBLUE (1568 points, 176-80 record) 2. Hatfield's Picks (1538 points, 173-83 record) 3. RedSox02 (1531 points, 173-83 record) KSR COLLEGE FOOTBALL PICK'EM (Winner gets to Pick the Clicks) 1. Jesco (2377 points, 209-52 record) 2. TURTLE TIME (2363 points, 207-54 record) 3. RedSox02 (2358 points, 214-47 record) KSR BOWL PICK'EM (Winner gets tickets to Matt Jones' wedding) 1. KY NEVER CINCI 4EVER (466 points, 25-9 record) 2. The Winning Picks (444 points, 22-12 record) 3. randallcobb4heisman (437 points, 22-12 record) If you little kiddos are good this weekend, I might even announce the final results in the KSR Favorite Blogger Contest on Monday too.

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