Cats favored against UConn tonight

Hunter Campbellalmost 11 years


gambling If betting on airport arrivals and departures isn't quite taking care of your gambling fix, maybe you'd like to venture into the exciting world of sports gaming. What's that? You would? Well, my friend, you're in luck. I happen to have some hot betting info already teed up for you. It's almost like I knew you would say yes. The Cats, coming off of a win in which they were four-point dogs, will be favored by five tonight against the east coast Huskies according to the snazzy spreadsheet behind this link to Vegas Insider. UConn also took home a win as an underdog last night, with Michigan State favored by six, but tried its best to lose to Wichita State in its Maui opener despite going off at (-2). If you're looking for a little breakdown of the game, The Sports Geek has one for you here, and says to take UConn in a tight one because of the play of Kemba Walker. This sports geek, on the other hand, says to take the Cats because I hate UConn. You can take whoever you want, although I hear the Ithaca flight may be delayed, so keep that in mind. Now, let's go win a tournament in paradise. Go Big Blue.

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