Cats Looking at Some Bowl Predictions

Matt Jonesalmost 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
UCF As the Cats get ready for their run through Tennessee over the next two games, the question becomes again, are the Cats headed back to the Volunteer state for a Bowl once again? Usually at this time, Kentucky still has 4-5 games it could go to and the overall picture is cloudy. This year not so much. Regardless of how the next two weeks play out, it is probable that Kentucky will take the last SEC Bowl spot. At this point Vanderbilt is a no-go for a Bowl, Tennessee must win-out and Ole Miss must take 2 of their last 3. If any of those teams run that gauntlet, they become more attractive than UK (and have a head to head victory), meaning they would jump the Cats. Thus UK ends up at the bottom of the SEC Bowl ladder...the question is only where that puts them. What UK needs more than anything is for two SEC teams to make the BCS. That seemed certain last week, as the SEC Champion would have joined the BCS, along with the loser of Alabama/Auburn. But now things have changed...Alabama is out and LSU is the savior of the second team in the BCS. The Tigers still play Arkansas and could find a way to play itself out of the BCS....leaving the SEC with one team and all the Bowl games for the league taking a step back. So basically it plays out like this: LSU MAKES BCS: Kentucky and Georgia are in the Music City/Liberty slot. It is likely both bowls want Georgia, but Kentucky has the problem of the UK-UL basketball game being played AT THE SAME TIME as the Liberty Bowl. The league probably steps in and tries to send the Cats to the Music City Bowl, but if not, they get the Liberty Bowl and play against Central Florida in Memphis. LSU MISSES BCS: The Cats fall to the bottom spot on the totem pole, which is the Birmingham Bowl in early January. The Cats would now play Louisville in that is that for an added treat. That is where we are....pull for Les Miles and his grass-eatin' self.

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