Cats Playing in Some Strange Circumstances Tomorrow

Matt Jonesalmost 12 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
holid Holiday Tournaments can be played in strange places. We have seen empty gyms in Puerto Rico, snow storms in Alaska and whatever it is that goes on every year in Las Vegas. But there may be very few places stranger than the odd setup for the Cats at the Cancun Classic. Jerry Tipton gives a report on the "gym" in which UK is playing and finds: The gym, which seats about 1,200, has chandeliers. Counter-balancing that touch of class is an imported floor that the players noticed had cracks and bends. “It’s a floor, at least,” Patrick Patterson said. “There are cracks in the floor, spacing missing, parts in the floor where it dips in and makes a ‘V’ shape all the way down the floor. We were dribbling the other day and balls were going left and right. John (Wall) lost a couple balls. A couple teammates tripped on the court cause of the cracks. The court is in pretty bad shape, but it's still a basketball court.” The team doesnt have locker rooms per se, just another ballroom with chairs around it for them to dress. In addition, because it is a ballroom, the floor actually has two large chandeliers hanging above it....perfect for the full court heave to end the game. Sounds like a great set up...and guess who actually booked this game....oh yes, the legend of Billy Clyde lives on. If nothing else, it should be interesting tomorrow afternoon. Here are some pictures of the facility from a reader: cancun-pics11 cancunpics2

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