Chad Ford talks about whether or not Nerlens will go to Cleveland

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 8 years


nerlens_medium I'm not done with this .gif yet. During his weekly chat, ESPN's Chad Ford addressed the uncertainties regarding the Cavaliers number one pick and what it will mean for Nerlens Noel. Ford said that the Cavs are looking into trading the first pick, but so are half of the GMs in the league. According to Ford, no one really wants the #1 pick, nor are they willing to give up a valuable asset to get it, therefore the Cavs might be stuck with it, and in turn, Nerlens Noel. If they do keep the first pick, what will Noel's future look like in Cleveland? Ford predicts that Noel will have "almost zero impact" in his first year, if he plays at all, and that because of his slight fame, "year two also might be rough." However, the Cavs have enough big players that they can be patient with the flat top feller, who, right now, Ford calls "a runner and a shot blocker." Ford adds that if the Cavs want immediate help, they should take Otto Porter, not Nerlens Noel; however, if they want a chance at the number one pick next year (aka Andrew Wiggins), Nerlens is the smarter choice. If the Cavs do pass on Noel, Ford sees him sliding as far down as Charlotte, in part because Victor Oladipo might not be an ideal fit alongside Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. For the record, Ford still predicts that Nerlens will go to Cleveland in his latest mock draft. What do you think the ideal spot is for Nerlens?

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