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Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
charo Every year the Turkey Hunter and I, along with whatever KSR folks are around, watch at least a few hours of the greatest show on television, the Jerry Lewis Telethon. What was once an American tradition, watching the telethon on Labor Day, has changed over the years and now is a much more specialized event, albeit one that raises tens of millions of dollars for Jerry's Kids. The cause is a great one and Lewis's dedication is unbelievable. But we watch it because it is possibly, the best show of random, absurd and awful entertainment acts that one can still see on television. See there used to be a time in America when people with cheesy talent were actually quite famous. People like Charo showed up not only in Vegas, but on television, game shows, etc all the time and were well-known across the land. Now we have replaced those people with Kardashians and the chance to see Charo dance half-naked in her 70s, George Wallace tell jokes from the 50s and Lily Tomlin remind people she is still alive on television is almost non-existent. Except for at the Jerry Lewis Telethon. Turn it on sometime today...I guarantee you will see something baffling and a person that you thought (like Conway Twitty) had passed away long ago. Now if you will excuse me, I must go as Billy Gillman is going to be interviewing Carrot Top. A few tidbits: --- On the day after the big win over the Cards, one thing stands out to me. There should be praise for the day had by Mike Hartline. Hartline played potentially his best overall game as a Cat, not only limiting mistakes and hanging onto the ball, but also throwing downfield and getting some key big plays when needed. Hartline got his third straight win over the Cards by executing on nearly every play and not making any bad decisions. But he also opened things up a big and his Larod King pass on the first play set the tone for the afternoon. We saw no bad Mike Hartline on the field (off the field, his questioning of a Joker play call on the radio wasnt really needed, but can be forgiven) and I was really happy to see him have such success in his first game back. He said afterwards that he was "more nervous and more prepared" than for any game since he has been at Kentucky. It was great to see that pre-game mindset turn into game success. --- A couple of players who didnt get a whole lot of love in the media do deserve some attention. Moncell Allen provided great blocks throughout the game and seemed to embrace his role as the team's full-time Fullback who will lay punishment. Donald Russell had a couple of nice runs and got people excited about the future. The UK secondary played generally very well and Bailey/Neloms each made a couple of huge plays in key stretches. Danny Trevathan did exactly what UK needed....gave a solid game at LB, which allowed the new guys at the position to settle into their first starts. A big win has a lot of players who have key roles and all of those guys came up big. --- One concern on the field was the protection from the left side of the Offensive Line. There have been better days for Chandler Burden, as he was beaten off the line a couple of times on key situations and had a terrible False Start on 3rd and Goal. Overall the offenisve line played well, especially in the running game. But some deficiencies in pass protection hurt and Hartline's good scrambling (yes I did say that) covered up some mistakes. --- A final big shout out to a great UK crowd in Louisville. It was the most people I have ever seen at a UK game in Louisville. They were wearing Blue, loud and proud and gave a good showing for a road stadium. I watched the game at Big Blue Country (the UK bar in Louisville) and the place was rocking and it was a great time. I highly recommend going and catching a game there if you are not attending. UK Athletics is really making a dent in Louisville...and I plan on keeping that train rolling as much as possible in the coming year. --- John Conner named starter for the Jets at Fullback. Terminator gets it done! --- WHAS 11 reported that 40 UL cars were vandalized and keyed after the UK win, some of which had "UK Rules" or the like keyed into the car. Such an act is beyond stupid, reckless and the worst kind of random vandalism. As someone who had his car keyed while covering the Sypher trial (and I will note that the UL message boards seem much more outraged about these acts than the glee they showed when it happened to me), it really drives me nuts to see some random person do a similar act to UL cars. We have fun with the rivalry and for the day of the game, it is very serious. But there is nothing about sports important enough to be worth ruining someone else's property. --- On a similar tone, theDrewFranklin was the only writer besides the anonymous Turkey Hunter to actually attend the game in the stadium. Lets just say his newfound fame brought about the good (people praising his Facebook posts) and some bad (random threats of violence from Card fans). But he survived and Malone's best waiter lived to see another day. --- With the game over, all that is left to do now is get ready for the next one. Kentucky is a 23 1/2 point favorite over Western Kentucky in Vegas, so get your bets in early. Our five star lock of the week hit (Michigan over UCONN) and the Cats/Kansas State covered, making it a 3-1 weekend for team KSR (the under at South Carolina-Southern Miss was our downer). --- If you missed it this weekend, TMZ reported that our favorite famous Cat fan, Josh Hopkins went out with Jennifer Aniston. As the second KSR connection to have dated Aniston (following the Hunter Campbell-Aniston tryst of 2007), we salute Hopkins for the publicity and ladykilling ability. Josh, feel free to bring Jennifer to the KSR Christmas party this year. Its Labor Day, but it is still a go day at KSR. Posts all day and our regular schedule of goodness. In addition, the 1080 AM Radio show will be live at 10 am-noon, so check it out if you can. All the old episodes are available at this link and Monday's show will be up for download by 12:30. There is going to be a lot of basking in the glory of the win, so check it out. More later today....Four in a row folks....

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