Checking in with Miss South Carolina
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Checking in with Miss South Carolina

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
misssc.bmp I am sure many of you remember this post from yesterday, where we showed you the now infamous video of Miss South Carolina answering a question about the lack of students' ability to find the USA on a map in such a way that she immediately became my favorite pageant contestant ever. Now, thanks to this post at Deadspin, we know much more about her. We have learned that she is actually a young lady with hopes and dreams.....dreams that are almost Carlos Toomer-esque in their beauty. This is her official Miss Teen USA bio: Caitlin Upton is a 17-year-old senior at Lexington High School. Caitlin values her faith, family and friends. She is actively involved in her school, as well as in the community. Her interest and talents include: sports, graphic design, professional modeling and community service. First of all, Caitlin is an athlete and is active in club and varsity soccer. She has been starting player for the high school varsity soccer team the past four years. During the summer of 2007, Caitlin traveled with her elite soccer team to Germany. While there, her team placed second in a tournament involving several European countries. One of Caitlin’s life goals is to follow a healthy lifestyle, and to always remain physically active. Secondly, Caitlin is a talented artist with a focus in the area of graphic design. She has received “Star Student” awards in both Photoshop and Advertising Design. She holds a student government office as President of Skills USA. Her career goals include earning a four-year Graphic Design degree. Ultimately Caitlin aspires to create special effects for television and movies. In addition to sports and art, Caitlin has been successful as a professional model with advertisement appearances in national magazines including: Seventeen, Cosmo Girl and American Cheerleader. She has modeled for Wrangler, Soffe and Nautica. One of her dreams is to make it into the European modeling market which would offer her “once in a lifetime” experiences. Lastly, and most importantly, Caitlin has become increasingly involved in community service. Volunteer activities she is involved in include making monthly meals for Sistercare, an organization for abused woman and their children. Caitlin has discovered the joy of serving others. Her primary goal as Miss SC Teen USA 2007 will be making appearances and developing action plans to involve teen in community service There are two parts of this I especially like. One is that her number one life goal is to "follow a healthy lifestyle." It seems like to me that is attainable. Aim high Caitlan....your second goal should be to "always breathe sufficient amounts of oxygen." In addition, I like that her student government office is "President of Skills USA". I am not sure what that is, but it sounds very important and Napoleon Dynamite-esque. I can see a student coming up to her and saying, "you know I have some skills, but at this point they are more South African skills.....could you help me with my USA skills?" And then Caitlan comes up, gives the kid a map and lets the magic happen. We have also learned that she is an attractive young lady, who can jump if need be..... upton-533_fs.jpeg And finally, the good folks at The Morning Toast have given us a diagram that is helpful in trying to understand her answer on the pageant trivia question..... map.bmp All in all, this is a great day for Miss South Carolina (who appeared on the "Today Show" today) and the state as a whole. On my birthday, I can think of nothing better than saluting this young lady, by once again showing you, her crowning moment.....

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