CJ Leslie Notes; Get Back Up To Speed After The Holidays

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CJ Leslie Notes I've recently done a little talking with some people close to CJ's situation. Nothing really groundbreaking came out of those discussions but it's probably best just to get a few things straight. First off, it still looks like he is high on the Cats. You've heard a lot lately about NC State "influences" around CJ and this particular source also echoed those feelings. However, this source didn't seem to take too seriously the overall impact and pull that NC State has at this point, despite people strongly trying to sway CJ, and their belief is that CJ will eventually be a Cat. They also still feel that the decision is going to come late in the Spring period, so there's still a lot of time for things to change and a lot of time for UK's coaches to have to continue to keep CJ's main affections pointed towards UK. The above video was taken during CJ's first game with Word of God Christian this year. Not much to garner from this video in the form of scouting but it's always fun to watch the exciting brand of basketball that is slowly working its way into Lexington. There is a lot of basketball going on in North Carolina right now. CJ Leslie and "under the radar" prospect Chris Hill are both participating in tournaments this weekend. I'll keep you updated with whatever info becomes available on how each player performed. Also, make sure to make a big star on your calendars for January 9th. Lexington Catholic (Jaylen Beckham) will play North Oldham at 7pm followed by Word of God (CJ Leslie) against Cincinnati Roger Bacon at 8:30 in the gym at LexCath. It's not often that you're able to see one of UK's top overall targets and probably one of only a small handful of kids from the state of Kentucky that will get a serious look from UK's staff in the coming years all in one sitting. The icing on the cake is that both of these guys are extremely entertaining to watch on the court. Make sure you don't miss this opportunity to show your support for these guys and expect a very exciting show. (ht: Jody Demling) Get Up To Speed Most likely due to the Thanksgiving holiday and most kids spending time with family, there isn't much going on in the recruiting world of late. Just to get you up to speed on the most recent updates, here's some quickies:

- Selby is in the process of setting up a visit with Kentucky. I'd expect it to occur in early December, most likely during a high profile UK game. When I get the word of the visit being finalized, I'll pass it along to you guys asap.

- The latest buzz is that Doron Lamb is getting pretty close to making his decision. You definitely have to realize that Kansas, UConn and Oklahoma State are major players but I also feel that UK is a strong position with Lamb. Book Richardson, Sean Miller and Arizona would love to get him in for a visit for I'm not really sure that is going to happen. If Lamb feels like he's sold on a particular school, he may just skip the visit to Arizona, especially since it is so far away and, even if they do "wow" him, they may be just too far away for him to want to attend college there. That is all just my opinion and has no real factual basis. After the holiday weekend wraps up, I'll get in touch with the Lamb's and figure out what the situation is.

- Nothing new has came out of the Terrence Jones area lately. The situation still looks to be that he is up in the air on whether he'll decide now or in the Spring. I know that a few people in his group would like to see a decision come soon but there's really no telling at this point what he will ultimately do. UK is making major efforts to get Jones in Lexington and with the talent pool getting more and more shallow, they kinda need this one.

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