Clemson Defender Becomes a Legend

Kindsey Bernhardalmost 5 years


screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-5-45-12-pm Lamar Jackson has become a household name this college football season. Everyone in the country who pays attention to college football knows the name of the Louisville quarterback. Everyone except Clemson safety Jadar Johnson. Johnson became an instant hero to the Big Blue Nation when talking to the media this week. Hopefully if Jackson tried to hurdle Johnson, he'll end up like the South Carolina tight end that tried to hurdle Chris Westry. According to, Johnson went on to say this about Jackson: "I don't really feel like we have to step out of our element or jump up another notch to stop him. We have the tools and the skill set to limit him, and I don't really see any worries with him." I really hope Johnson is right.

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