Coach Cal has a question for Dick Vitale

Drew Franklinover 9 years


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In Dick Vitale's "Time for transfer rules" article on, he writes about conversation he had with Coach Cal a few days ago. According to Vitale, Calipari wants to know why the media is ranking his team in the top three for next season:
On another subject, I spoke to Kentucky coach John Calipari the other day. He asked me a simple question: how can people like you pick us in the top three in America for next season? Calipari reminded me that 97 percent of his scoring is gone from the championship team. As I told him, the name on the sidelines in Lexington is Calipari. That means there is motivation and inspiration. It also means as great recruiting class as Big Blue Nation will be happy as Kentucky is back in the hunt. The Wildcats will have a dynamite group of newcomers at Rupp Arena. There will be excitement galore once again.
My response would be: (1) The talent is down across the board next year in college basketball compared to last season. (2) UK's recruiting class is very solid and you never doubt Cal's ability to develop young talent. (3) Nerlens Noel blocked everyone else. Cats.

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