Coach Cal just wants the Refs to Keep it Consistent

Nick Roushover 3 years


Aritcle written by:Nick RoushNick Roush


The last time Kentucky played under the College Gameday spotlight, the game ended with a controversial no-call when P.J. Washington attacked the rim for a potential game-tying bucket.  John Calipari did not send tape of the play to the league offices for review.  In fact, he insists one bad call never bothers him. "My concern in refereeing and always has been, is not 'Did you make the call?'" Coach Cal just wants the refs to be consistent throughout the entire game. "If you ever listened to what I'm saying, I'm not arguing a call.  Be consistent," Calipari said at today's press conference.  "If you're calling a moving screen on my team, I am now watching down there, and if they moving screen, I'm gonna get on you about it.  They just called it on my team.  Consistency is all I'm looking for." Bad officials don't even bother Calipari.  He only has a problem with inconsistent whistles. "Sometimes it's okay to be consistently bad.  Just be consistently bad.  That's fine too.  Just whatever you're going to be, this is how I'm calling it.  If there are hand-checks and you start calling them, call them on both teams.  If you're gonna let all the hip-checks and bumps go, don't call that on my team....Just be consistent.  Call the game." [mobile_ad]

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