Coal no longer just the name on the building

Coal no longer just the name on the building

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Aritcle written by:Bryan the InternBryan the Intern
"As the Coal Turns" just continues getting more and more controversial.  As we all know by now, the new housing facility for the basketball team will be named the Wildcat Coal Lodge.  Which for most people was no big deal, because frankly it's just the name on the building.  You can get into the politics of coal all you want, and I am sure that is what it will turn into in the comments, but 95% of people don't care.  It's not offensive or derogatory to any group, it will be a beautiful facility, a HUGE recruiting advantage, and most people will never step foot in it. But now, the Herald-Leader has obtained the gift agreement between Joe Craft and other donors with the university, which reads in part:
"will include an exhibit in the primary entrance lobby which presents in print, photographic, sound, video, DVD and/or other format, a discussion of and tribute to the importance of the coal industry to the Commonwealth of Kentucky, which exhibit shall be reasonably acceptable to Craft."
So, the question I have, as someone with NO OPINION on coal or the coal industry, is this: Did they donate the money to help the basketball program, or did they donate the money to pimp the coal industry?  Is this going to be a dorm or a coal museum?  Or can it be both? Certainly, if these donors are willing to give 8-million dollars of their money to build this building, they should have a ton of say in it's construction, design, and purpose.  But, it seems we are straying away from what the building was intended for, which is a housing facility for a basketball team (and a few others), into a self-promotion.  I will wonder how far the university will let the coal industry push this dorm and its details.  If the guys come in and say every room must have art work highlighting coal, or green technologies can not be used in the building, will that be allowed? I thought the massive argument about the name was silly.  It's a name on a building.  Don't like it, don't call it that.  Continue calling it the Wildcat Lodge, that's your business.  Now, the players and others living there are having an agenda pushed in their face in the front lobby.  Is this crossing the line?

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