Comin to you live from Brooklyn

Comin to you live from Brooklyn

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
It is late on Sunday night and I am here in the middle of Brooklyn, finishing up my weekend away with the folks here in the big city. Been away from the computers and internet world a little bit this weekend (as we should all do from time to time), but it looks as if Marc Maggard, Mosley and the Intern have kept you up to date on all the news, serious and not so serious. Marc should be coming along here later tonight for a "How We Stand" post on the 2008 kids, but until then, a couple of nuggets from my email/text message box. (1) It isnt a secret that Rotnei Clarke will be visiting UK next weekend for an unofficial visit. The staff is trying to get his friend Willie Warren here at the same time to try and sell the notion of a package deal between the kids. The folks I am talking to close to Clarke tell me that there is a very real possibility that Clarke could make a decision while on the visit, or soon after. UK is his leader at this point, regardless of his public statements, and he hopes to bring Willie along with him. We expect to have both young men on the show again this week. (2) I still hear very good things about UK for Darius Miller. Most everyone close to him is saying that UK is the leader and that he wants to make a July decision. However now we hear from Marc Maggard that DeAndre Liggins may have UK as a leader as well. I cant see UK giving more than 2 (or MAYBE three if there are transfers) spots to perimeter/small forward type players. If so, the Clarke, Warren, Liggins, Miller stuff is interesting. They cant all come. Will it be a case of who chooses first? (3) Finally, Marc will address this more later (as will I later this week), but I wonder about UK's situation with big men for 08. They have a lot of targets (Singleton, Zeller, Woods, Dunigan, etc) but none that can be said to be a clear leader for UK (maybe Olek Czyz, but that isnt 100% clear). I am sure one will work out, but I think everyone (including the staff) would like it if one big man would go ahead and make a call to UK. Unlike the perimeter, where there are more spots than people, the post is something that UK needs to fill and it is not a slam dunk with any of the targets just yet. I fly back to the Bluegrass tomorrow. But for now, in honor of Ra Smoov, more Brooklyn. Enjoy the week.....

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