Construction company bans support for other college teams

Drew Franklinabout 9 years


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The construction company behind the University of Louisville's new student recreation center -- we'll call it, "Ab*l Construction," to protect its integrity -- recently sent out an e-mail blast, warning employees and vendors that support for other teams will not be tolerated at the construction site. An insulted KSR reader received the e-mail from A*el Construction and passed it along to us to share with you. From the project superintendent:
We at Ab*l Construction are honored and grateful to serve the students and the university in the building of the new University of Louisville’s Student Recreation Center and wishes to maintain a positive image of respect and gratitude to its conclusion.  I have noticed some employees and vendors showing their support for other college teams and think that this is not portraying the support and image that we want. Please discuss this with your employees and vendors and request their support in this matter. Allowing for some adjustment time, please advise that after 7-13-12 this will no longer be allowed. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.   Thank You, D**** R********** AB*L Construction Company, Inc.
The e-mail doesn't come out and say that it is University of Kentucky gear that is "not portraying the support and image," but I can't imagine Abe* Construction getting too upset over a handful of people walking around in Bellarmine, Daymar and Spencerian College swag. Once we get our hands on the Abel C*nstruction mailing list, we plan to send out the following message:
"We at KSR want you to wear whatever you want while working in or around the Louisville's new student recreation center. Kentucky national championship t-shirts are encouraged. Go Cats."

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