Could Alex Legion be a Cat?

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
legion2.jpeg Nothing like a family conflict playing out in the national media huh? Alex Legion, one of the most talented young players in the country, is now back in the news again. After being released from his LOI at Michigan, his mother was quoted this morning in the Detroit Free Press as saying, ""I've been quiet for four years, but Tim Green does not speak for my son, and I'm tired of him trying to make decisions for my son," Williams said. "Mr. Green wants my son to go to Connecticut or UCLA, but my son will go to neither institution." Well there you go. Mr. Green is Legion's AAU coach and has been the official media spokesperson for the Legion recruitment.....but apparently not anymore. When you combine this quote with the news in the Lexington Herald Leader today that Billy Clyde went to Michigan on Friday and met with Legion and Coach Cox made a return visit on Monday.....well UK looks more and more like a destination. Legion may take a visit this week to Kentucky according to the Free Press article and all of a sudden, a top 07 talent looks like it might drop in UK's lap. The Detroit article mentions only Michigan and UK as potential destinations. I continue to say this.....but Billy Clyde is making an amazing run....pull this off....and well, all of a sudden the other recruiting sagas arent quite as crucial.....even if the team becomes 12 guards....

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