Could Jamal Murray be a Number One Pick?

Could Jamal Murray be a Number One Pick?

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[caption id="attachment_195215" align="alignnone" width="600"]© Kim Klement © Kim Klement[/caption] The number one pick in this year's NBA Draft has been portrayed as Ben Simmons' pick to lose, with Brandon Ingram not too far behind.  As the troubled Philadelphia 76ers weigh their options, they aren't limiting their choices to Simmons and Ingram. Sixers Vice President of Player Personnel Marc Eversely said Jamal Murray is "certainly going to be one of those kids who is going to be in contention for the number one pick." A team that has a ton of young talent in the post, they need scorers on the perimeter.  Murray fits the mold and could provide an immediate impact. Eversely wants the Philadelphia fanbase to know that they're keeping an open mind. “You look at the way the roster is composed today, there’s certainly a lot of holes that need to be filled,” said Eversley.  “We’re doing our due diligence and bringing in as many guys as possible.  We need to make sure we make the right selections.  We need to bring as many players as possible and evaluate them, not only on the court but off the court as well.” If Murray does end up in Philadelphia, he may not join former Wildcat Nerlens Noel.  The Vertical reports that the Sixers are in talks with the Hawks to trade Nerlens Noel for point guard Jeff Teague. []

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