Craig James is not impressed
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Craig James is not impressed

John Dubyaabout 14 years


Article written by:John DubyaJohn Dubya As seen below, Kentucky finds themselves back in the top 10, perfectly timed to the first week of the BCS standings. Despite an assortment of injuries, UK gallantly fought through the onslaught of the excuse-less number 1 team in the land. It was their second defeat of a (then) top 10 team this season, and puts UK at an absurd 6-1. The whole nation, and West Virginia, tuned in to watch this compelling quarrel, and bore witness to Kentucky's commencement address. Then there's broadcasting icon Craig James, who voted Kentucky #24 on his AP Ballot today. Look, I couldn't care less about polls, and at this point in the season they're merely glorified marketing tools often soaked in agenda. But to put 23 teams ahead of Kentucky is beyond idiotic. James is a notorious goober, but a chimp could deciphur UK's legitimacy. Hell, there were Grandmothers in Vermont today who picked up the paper, saw UK beat the #1 team, and thought to themselves, "Kentucky must be a really good team. I used to know a young lady from Kentucky. She was really pretty. She had three sons..." It's also beyond hate, as even the remaining twelve Cards fans would begrudgingly admit UK is a top 10 team. What James illustrates here is pure, brazen agenda setting. For whatever reason, he does not like UK, does not want to see them succeed, and will utilize his "power" accordingly. If he honestly believes there are 23 teams with spiffier resumes, then he's not an idiot...he's a douche bag. "Cute win UK, call me when you do something special...I'll be at the tanning bed" I realize James happened to work the one poor Wildcat performance this season (a game where despite the giftwrapped turnovers UK still had a chance to tie in the 4th quarter), but we all know you were watching yesterday, Craig. Honestly, what is going through your head? "Yeah, that was a nice win by Kentucky, but it took them 3 overtimes. Rutgers could've done it in two." Ass hole. And I don't mean that in the banal, slang sort of way, I mean James is a literal sphincter; an unkempt brown-eye with a leakage problem. This from a guy who founded The Craig James School of Broadcasting (no joke, and you know he probably emphasizes the The, like Ohio St.) for those unfortunate souls unable to meet the rigorous admission standards of Phoenix Online. Instructors include: Joe Theisman, the Ball State guy, a homeless person, and Mel Tillis. James has a Ph.D alright...a playa hatin' degree (Daddy, Puff).

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