Creek Likely Out For The Season

Will Lentzover 11 years


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As if you could feel any worse about your team if you were an Indiana fan (though if you were, you probably wouldn’t know how to use a computer to read this,) IU’s only player with legitimate talent is reportedly out for the season.  Creek blew out his knee in a lopsided victory over Bryant, and many wonder why he was even in the game if Indiana was just playing one dude.  Regardless, he is likely out for the season, and Indiana is left reeling.

Creek had a career high 31 against UK this year, and despite the Indiana game being a rivalry (a term which I use loosely,) it’s hard not to feel sorry for them. Maybe it’s because I’ve never known a good Indiana program.  Maybe it’s because we can sympathize about being a program that has fallen from glory.  Maybe it’s because they play in a high school gym.  Whatever it is, they just don’t draw out the hate that other teams do.  I honestly think I might hate Vanderbilt more than IU these days.

Or maybe it’s because Creeks replacement is most well known for his role in this video.

Yeah, his replacement is the guy you think it is.  Ouch.

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