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Dance Like You Were a Runt

by:Matt Jones06/25/06
So the big news in sports last week was the comeback by the Miami Heat, down 2-0 in the series against the Dallas Mavericks, to win the NBA title and mercifully end the NBA season for the next two weeks until the new one begins. While we at KSR Radio saluted the former Kentucky players who played a key role in the title, it was mentioned that we did not mention the one who may have been most important to the win....Mr. Hairgel himself, Pat Riley. Whether it is his time playing for one of the most beloved and whitest (which is saying something) UK teams of all times, the 1966 Rupps' Runts or his role as coach most often mentioned in pipe dreams over possible Tubby Smith successors, Pat Riley has a special bond with UK fans. Hpwever, he is the player least connected to the UK program and when non-UK fans are told that he played in Lexington, the fact is often treated with disbelief. Well that may change now. As part of the Miami Heat parade celebration, Riley pulled a Mark Madsen and did some dancing....and well, lets just say that his Kentucky roots showed through. I personally think he is pretty smooth, but then again, compared to Shaquille O Neal rapping, even Riles can look talented. Enjoy... Pat Riley shakin what his momma gave him

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