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photo We're gearing up for the second game of the afternoon session between Mississippi State and Tennessee. Follow along as we document all the happenings, from Skylar McBee's letters home to the dance team cattiness, and maybe even some basketball. Here we go... (4:05 p.m.) Mrs. Tyler: And on that note, we are are going to wrap up this afternoon's running diary. Thanks for playing along, and come back for tonight's Arkansas/Vandy game at 7:30 p.m. ET. I will be posting my thoughts periodically.   (3:59 p.m.) Mrs. Tyler: They keep showing shots of the people in the suites on the jumbotron. The difference between us and them? Those people are having so much fun (i.e. consuming adult beverages) that one lady in a blue argyle sweater just did the Gangnam Style dance for the camera. Sigh.   Amsu_display_imageGeorgia_Bulldogs_Mascot (3:53 p.m.) Mrs. Tyler: Since this game is moving slower than molasses, I've spent the last little bit analyzing the differences between the Mississippi State Bulldog mascot that's sitting right in front of us, and the Georgia one that was here earlier. After much research, I've discovered both mascots are supposed to be English Bulldogs, although both the live and costumed versions look totally different. Oh, the things your mind will obsess over during really boring basketball.   (3:41 p.m.) Mrs. Tyler: Would you like some halftime stats? No? Well, you're getting them anyways. Tennessee's Jordan McRae leads all scorers with 10 points, followed by Trae Golden. The most interesting thing that's happened (besides the thrilling Tony Schiavone sighting) is the Tennessee fans taunting the Alabama team as they left the arena to go backstage. Stay classy, Tennessee.   3:40 pm Matt: Even Calipari needs proper credentials MediaHandler.ashx (3:30 p.m.) Mrs. Tyler: Put it up for your Tennessee SEC Tournament Basketball Legend, Len Kosmalksi! Len played for Tennessee from 1972-74 and is the Volunteers’ No. 31 all-time scorer with 1,212 career points. He now has a slightly creepy old man stache and a fancy SEC commemorative clock.   photo (3:24 p.m.) Mrs. Tyler: The SEC has some seriously lazy towel boys. During the timeout, one of them just sat on the court until it was over. Meanwhile, Mississippi State's upset chances don't look too hot. They trail Tennessee 35-19 at the half. We have officially entered "Bless your little heart" mode.   (3:13 p.m.) Drew: The Ashley Judd Senate campaign is out in full force at Bridgestone. judd Tennessee fans have a strong showing for this session, but blue still got in.   (3:05 p.m.) Drew: I caught a glimpse of his nametag and then took off running to chase him down to see if my eyes had deceived me.  It turns out the guy who continues to bump me in the back of the head is former WCW announcer, Tony Schiavone. tony-schiavone He does radio for the Georgia Bulldogs Radio Network now.   (3:00 p.m.) Mrs. Tyler: A very large man just wobbled past us on press row, and after spying his nametag, Drew turned to Matt and like a kid on Christmas morning, said "That was Tony Schiavone!!!" The two of them sprang from their seats and went to go find him. Me being me, I had no idea what this meant. A quick Google search tells me Tony Schiavone is a broadcaster who used to be the voice of the WCW in the 90's. Cool?   (2:52 pm) Matt: Pat Forde is here. I realized that because as I walked by him in the media room, I felt the strange smell of Kentucky hate emanating from close by. My assumption is that he will write an article about how the SEC Tournament would be so much better if it were simply the Big East Tournament...and if a Pitino were involved. image   (2:50) Aaron Flener: I'm not necessarily on press row, per say. Or even in the arena for that matter. I'm about a half mile away. Sitting at my desk on the 12th floor of the Tennessee Tower. It's the tall building with the flags on top. As fun as this may sound, it's not. I'm ready to be downtown observing and mingling with the masses of big blue nation. Right now, I'm sitting here observing my cube neighbor Gray play crosswords. He doesn't know I'm watching him, but I saw his screen when he bent over to change out of his velcro shoes that he wears to lunch. If you want to get frequent updates on Gray, follow me on twitter (@AFlenerKSR). I can't believe this is my life right now. See you guys in a couple hours.   (2:45 p.m.) Mrs. Tyler: And just like that, he moved. Boo. Also, there are too many Tennessee fans here for my liking.   (2:40 p.m.) Mrs. Tyler: Well, well, well...look who just sat down near us: photo Hi, Anthony.   (2:26 p.m.) Drew: Rocky Top again.  That's three times in five minutes.   (2:25 p.m.) Mrs. Tyler: I've already heard Rocky Top twice, and that is two times too many. With ten minutes til tip, Skylar McBee is draining threes and Jarnell Stokes is nice and limber. Remember: we want Mississippi State to win, and not just because they're playing the low down dirty snitches. Tennessee is with us on the bubble, and any stumble they take could push us closer into the Tournament. Go Bulldogs.

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