Day 1 Voting Results for 2010 KSR Favorite Blogger

Day 1 Voting Results for 2010 KSR Favorite Blogger

Bryan the Internalmost 11 years


Aritcle written by:Bryan the InternBryan the Intern
Through 1 day, it looks like Matt Jones may finally get the nod as favorite blogger for the blog that he created, as readers are attempting to give him a nice retirement gift.  Now, if you want Beisner or Drew to take the award again, you will have to vote a little harder over the next week.  The poll should be refreshed on the right side of the screen, so get over there are get to punching those chads. Day 1 Results (2,559 votes total) Matt Jones: 759 (30%) Drew Franklin: 573 (22%) Beisner: 536 (21%) BTI: 191 (7%) Tyler Thompson: 189 (7%) Kate Martin: 171 (7%) Will Lentz: 58 (2%) Dustin Rumbaugh: 38 (1%) Hunter Campbell: 20 (1%) Christopher Johns: 15 (1%) Patrick Barker: 9 (0%) Continue voting.  And don't worry, the Rants and Ramblings will be up at 10:15.

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