De'Aaron Fox's dad speaks the truth about De'Aaron versus Lonzo Ball

Drew Franklinabout 4 years


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In a new in-depth story on De'Aaron Fox over at Bleacher Report, you'll find a great quote from Fox's dad, Aaron Fox, about his son's two head-to-head matchups with Lonzo Ball and the outside noise from LaVar Ball:
“My son already ate his ass up twice,” Aaron Fox says of Lonzo Ball. “[LaVar] can say what he wants to say. I just tell him to go back and watch the film. That’s it. All that yap, yap, yapping, I don’t even got to respond to that. We played them twice. Twice his son got outplayed. I always tell [De’Aaron], let your game speak for it. You ain’t got to talk. You ain’t got to fuss.”
There's plenty more good stuff about Fox in B/R's lengthy story on the future top-six pick, but that one stood out the most to me because (a) it's true and (b) we haven't heard much noise from Fox's dad. There's also some new tales from Fox's childhood and a look into the history of Aaron Fox and UK assistant Kenny Payne's relationship. According to the story, during De'Aaron's recruitment, Payne told the elder Fox that he would claim to have one point in their old high school basketball game if Fox would deliver his son to Kentucky. Read lots more Fox talk here.

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