Dear SEC...
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Dear SEC...

Drew Franklinabout 8 years


Article written by:Drew FranklinDrew Franklin


[caption id="attachment_143774" align="alignnone" width="620"]kickoff-bullshit (@Terrysdaman)[/caption] If you're going to call the rarely-called offsides on a kickoff, you sure as hell better call it both ways. One could argue Kentucky's successful onside kick that was called back single-handedly changed the outcome of the game. Kentucky was coming off a huge defensive stand that resulted in a safety; followed by a quick, five-play touchdown drive; capped off with a perfectly executed onside kick that Mississippi State never saw coming.  At worst, UK gets a look at a field goal, but with the momentum from the last drive and State on its heels and in panic mode, it's very reasonable to think Kentucky would find the end zone yet again. However, one official got whistle-happy and called Daron Blaylock offsides, whereas the second photo you see above shows he hit the brakes as Mansour's foot came in contact with the ball. It's a close call, sure, but it's not one that had to be made. Okay, so they're calling it tight on kickoffs? Well, no.  Apparently not... Exactly one minute and seven seconds later, a Bulldog is CLEARLY offsides on a Mississippi State kickoff, yet no call is made. What happened to that whistle?  Where's the call???? Explain, please. Enlighten us.  

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