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Deciphering players' tweets about Shannon Dawson's exit

[caption id="attachment_184739" align="alignnone" width="363"]UK Athletics UK Athletics[/caption] The news that Shannon Dawson is out as UK's offensive coordinator has taken over the internet this afternoon, and even UK's players are tweeting about it. That means it's time for another round of "Guess that Emoji," starring the UK football team. Blake Bone starts us off: https://twitter.com/_KingOVO/status/677529740815765505 I'm taking that to mean he's pretty happy about the news. Alexander Montgomery seems to be too, responding with "Yahtzee": https://twitter.com/IjustWannadoME/status/677532990965182464 What about Patrick Towles, who just announced he will transfer from Kentucky? https://twitter.com/patty_ice14/status/677530838817513472 See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Very cryptic, Patrick. https://twitter.com/patty_ice14/status/677532820881989633 There are a few ways to interpret this. Originally, I thought it meant "Dawson is not the greatest of all time" (because using a goat emoji is how the kids say that these days) but you could also read it as "Dawson is the scapegoat," which would imply Towles thinks there are bigger problems than just him on the staff. The latter thought is backed up by Towles' next tweet: https://twitter.com/patty_ice14/status/677533532735021057 Some players, like TV Williams, just seem frustrated that UK's getting yet another offensive coordinator after two have left the program in as many years: https://twitter.com/Trey1Williams/status/677533364631523328 Drew Barker and Jeff Badet just wished him well: https://twitter.com/D_Barker7/status/677534950237839360 https://twitter.com/uk_jb4/status/677538747601301504 Meanwhile, it looks like some recruits, like 2017 QB commit Mac Jones, now have some things to think about: https://twitter.com/macjones2017/status/677535982376329216 I'm sure more tweets will roll in throughout the day, so I'll add them to this post. UPDATE: Towles confirms he was going for "Sacrificial Lamb" with his goat tweet about Dawson. https://twitter.com/patty_ice14/status/677545988698087424 adjf

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