Deep Down, They're Still the Bullets

Patrick Barkerover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Patrick BarkerPatrick Barker
arenas-crittenton-way-of-the-gun I'm sure most have you have heard about the bizarre story out of Washington involving the Wizards' Gilbert Arenas and backup Javaris Crittenton.  In case you haven't, after a dispute over some gambling debts caused the two, um, gentlemen to pull guns on each other in the lockerroom at the Verizon Center in DC.  While there are conflicting reports as to what actually happened, the one thing that is for certain is that both Arenas and Crittenton brought guns to the arena, in violation of the NBA's collective bargaining agreement. Maybe I'm just not wired that way, but how skewed is your perspective when you pull a gun on someone over a game of cards?  Moreover, why do you even bring a gun to your work in the first place?  This could spell especially bad news for Arenas as he could now be dismissed from the Wizards for violating a morality clause in his contract.  Looks like Gilbert could be joining Plaxico Burress in the pantheon of athletes losing millions because they have to carry guns for whatever reason.  At least Gil didn't shoot himself in the leg. This certainly doesn't help the image of the NBA.  Dating back to the Malice at the Palace, the way the NBA is viewed has slowly deteriorated into a league full of thugs and general troublemakers.  And to some degree, I can't say this image is unwarranted.  My guess is that it won't even be two more weeks before we hear of another NBA player getting sideways of the law.  But hey, at least we know Tyler Smith will fit in well.

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