Denver got a player at pick #188

Hunter Campbellover 9 years


I'm not a football expert. I don't claim to be a football expert. Still, I have watched a lot of people play a lot of games, and seen a lot of players make a lot of plays, and one guy that I saw make as many plays as anyone is Danny Trevathan. He did basically nothing else during his time anchoring the Kentucky linebacker core, one of the few constants on a team that has been consistent only in its inconsistency over the last few years. In spite of all those plays, and the best-conference-in-the-country-leading tackle numbers, the experts never seemed to get on the Trevathan bandwagon. Whether it's because he's undersized, or not fast enough in the 40, or because the defense he played on was nothing to write home about, scouts and analysts consistently projected him in the late rounds if he was to be drafted at all. They saw him as someone who had a chance to make a team, but probably not to make an impact. Now all that is over. The draft came and went and Trevathan heard his name called by Denver in the sixth round, giving him a chance to play and to play with teammates who know and will embrace him, making it easier for him to succeed. And succeed, he will. Mel Kiper and his little buddy Todd McShay have retreated into their holes for the season, and now it's time for players to play the game. To make the Broncos, and make a difference beyond that, Trevathan will have to diagnose plays, chase, tackle and do all the things he's done well all his life. Of the people to come out of Kentucky, there are virtually none that I would be more sure about being able to do those things than Trevathan. He's that good, and I'm that sure of it. So no matter what the experts say about him, his chances for making the team or of being a contributor, those of us who watched him here can all be sure that if he gets a shot he'll be making plays. We wish him the best and look forward to seeing him on Sundays starting this fall.

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