Did the Media Screw up?

Did the Media Screw up?

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
toothache.jpg I normally dont post multiple times in one evening, but lots has happened in the last hour. I must say, the Kentucky news media is abuzz about the Cats Pause story tonight that Billy Donovan and UK have reached a deal that will make Donovan the new coach at Kentucky. The news has been reported on WAVE in Louisville, WLEX in Lexington (which went with the story at 11, the same time the Cats Pause report came out, suggesting it was intentional) and is now common knowledge. We here at Kentucky Sports Radio have found out that the folks at Florida, including the Athletic Director have been made aware of the story and it is now will become the top talk of tomorrow's sports day. The question is whether this is good. From now until Monday, Billy Donovan will be forced to answer questions on the subject from not only the news media, but also likely his team and the university. What was before today a "wait until the season is over" story has now, thanks to the Darrell Bird story, become a "we have to ask you now" story. When you say a deal is done, folks want to know if the deal is done. That means that Billy Donovan and the Florida Gators are in for distractions aplenty. Will these distractions turn Billy Donovan against UK? One hopes not.....but I think all involved, including the UK folks wish that if the story is true (which may still be a big if, who knows?), it had not gotten out at this point. Everyone's interests were served if the story hadnt been released. UK gets its coach....Florida gets a chance at a second championship....Billy Donovan avoids distractions. What about now? The story is out......but will UK and its possible new coach pay the price? Only time will tell......

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