DIME Magazine believes tanking NBA teams should target Julius Randle

Drew Franklinabout 8 years


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randle We don't need another "Julius Randle is awesome" column from a little-known basketball writer to get us fired up about Kentucky's new power forward. We don't need those. We're good. We're excited. He's going to be a star. But when one pops up, I guess it doesn't hurt to read it anyway. Today's "Julius Randle is awesome" piece comes from Dime Magazine's Drew Corrigan, who says tanking NBA teams should target Julius Randle in next summer's draft. Corrigan writes:
"Randle competes and plays like an animal on the court. He has the size of a lion, with the heart of one to complement. He loves to attack the basket and smells when opponents fear him. Unlike Wiggins, who has been criticized for the lack of a killer instinct, Randle definitely won’t have this problem. He will keep going and keep attacking until he’s satisfied. The guy is fearless."
41 days until Big Blue Madness, folks...

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